Chair Seating Through the Ages

Remember to bring along a chair to submit for our 5th annual "Chair Seating Through the Ages" exhibition at the upcoming 8th Annual Gathering of The SeatWeavers' Guild, Inc. in Nashville, IN July 31-August 2nd. This unique hand-woven chair seat exhibition is free and open to the public on Sunday, during our public outreach time. See you in Indiana!

2015 Gathering Update

YOU, still have time to register for the 2015 Gathering!!! We currently have 55 registrations. If you're not registered, it's simple to accomplish. Just visit TSWG website to register and pay, ON LINE, YEAH! ( A current membership in TSWG is required to register). Directions to the home of Andrew & Amanda Dick, Brownstown, Indiana are posted on the website, and below. They are hosting a complementary dinner for all registered guests at 5:30 PM, Friday, July 31, 2015. The current 2015 Gathering agenda, is also posted on the website. When entering Brown County State Park, attendees should mention that they are members attending the TSWG Gathering. Gate admission fees will be waived all 3

"Preserving & perpetuating the craft of chair caning and seat weaving!"
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