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2024 17th Annual Gathering

The SeatWeavers’ Guild Gathering 2024
SeatWeaving in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Blue Earth Historical Center, 424 Warren St., Mankato Mn 56001

Directions to Mankato Minnesota, in Weaving Terms – for fun & info.

From either Coast of the US:
Warp your way up to US Interstate Highways 80 or 90.
Weft your way towards the center of the US to find US Interstate Highway 35.
Drive Step 5 or 6 diagonals, as necessary, to find US Interstate Highways 80, 90 or 35 & shorten your trip.

Once on US 35, Weft typically North towards Minnesota, until you arrive at US 90.
If on US 90, continue your Warp direction until you arrive at US 35.  This will be near Albert Lea Minnesota.

Now a decision point:
Are you ready for ice cream?  If yes, continue on US 90 to Mn 169 in Blue Earth Mn.  The US 90 roadside rest is the site of the “Golden Mile”, the location where US 90 construction met from both East & West coasts.  Stop in Blue Earth on Mn 169s under the statue of the Jolly Green Giant for a Dairy Queen treat. After enjoying your ice cream treat & getting a picture of the Jolly Green Giant & Little Sprout, take Mn 169 North 45 miles to Mankato Mn.

Or, continue on US 35N to Owatonna (about 14 miles), stop at the Dairy Queen in Owatonna for a quick treat, then drive West on Mn 14 about 40 miles to Mankato Mn.

Or, If driving from the North on Mn169 stop at the Dairy Queen in St. Peter, before driving another 10 miles to Mankato.


Enjoy your trip & remember to stop to see the sights.

"Preserving & perpetuating the craft of chair caning and seat weaving!"
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