Aug 8

Weaving with plastic bags

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I wove this little chair with braided plastic grocery bags. The bags were cut into strips and braided. I don’t know how long it will last as some bags are designed to break down with time but hey, it cost nothing but a little time to replace the seat now and again. My guess is it will last a few years anyway.


Aug 8

Love it! I had a friend that crocheted shopping bags with strips of plastic bags

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  • In my constant search for alternative materials, I came across 2,000 feet of flat braided nylon line on Facebook Marketplace. Besides needing to be lugged (heavy barrel!) I had to wash it before I could use it. It wove beautifully, but I had to be careful to pull the warp very tight. The weavers were a bit looser. I stuffed it with 1" foam. I am constantly being asked if porch rockers can stay outside (nooo...that's why they're called PORCH rockers) These should be able to be left outside a bit more, but brought in , in winter.
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