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Schedule 2018

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Friday -  Sunday, July 27-29


Registration is Friday, 3-5 At Coronado Community Center, 150 Ponderosa Lane, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.


Late registrants can register Saturday morning between 9AM-10AM


The Board Will meet at El Jimador Mexican Restaurant , 110 Desoto Center DR, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas 


We can car pool from house if anyone wishes. The address for my house (Linda Sippel) is 36 Sierra DR. Hot Springs Village, Arkansas


Saturday July 28th: Late registration 9-10            


10 AM to 10:15




Lloyds loom and pineapple feet: Jill Woods.

Hickory Bark Tapered: Brandy Clements.  Brandy’s class will be most of the day because once you start Hickory you have to finish.



Honeycomb:  Doug Lowman

Traditional Cane: Mary St Clair


12:pm Boxed lunch


12:30 Annual meeting



Danish Cord: Michal Wilmoth Carton


T shirt Rush:  Lucy Kruesel


The finer points of doing rush well: Bill Brick


Pressed Cane: David Dick



Chair yoga: Monica From Coronado Fitness Center


3 PM

Structural Repairs: Dave Klingler

Flat weave: David Dick


6 :00 Dinner



Extra help for the new caners : Everyone.



Sunday July 29

10:00 To 10:30: Coffee Snacks and Goodbyes      


10:30 : Tricks and tools Q&A


11:00 : Work on chairs and watch and learn


Noon : Boxed lunch and public Demo

"Preserving & perpetuating the craft of chair caning and seat weaving!"
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