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Schedule 2017 Gathering

Friday July 21

6:00-8:00          Meet and greet, chair display setup with founders of the Guild

8:00-9:00          Meeting of the guild board members


Saturday July 22 


9:30-10:00         Registration Open


10:00-10:15       Welcome



10:15-11:45       The ins and out of restoring wicker with founder Jill Woods

11:45-12:15       Weaving a perfect round seat (where to start skipping)with founder  Mindy King


12:15-1:00         Lunch   

12:45-1:30         Slide show and stories of the founding of the guild  


1:30-2:45           Demonstration with Founder Cathryn Peters “True Rush with cattails and Bull                                   Rush

2:45-3:00           Round table discussion: Discussion panel “the goals of the founders and  new                                   directions"  with Anna King              




3:00-3:30          Workshop TBA


3:30-5:00          Fiber Riber rush in in 2 hours without killing yourself with Charter member Bill                                 Brick          


5:00-5:45           Flex Time, seek  out an expert for individual problem solving or enjoy a senic walk                            around campus before Dinner

5:00-8:00          Chair Seating Through the Ages, a rarely shown exhibition

                          OPEN to the public.

5:45-7:00           Buffet  at the convention center


7:00-8: 00         The annual meeting and election of new officers          


Sunday July 31


10:00-11:30      Tips and tools.  A chance for every member to share


11:30 -12:00     Teardown and the move to Robbins Crossing 

                           Two Hocking Valley Railway Trains arrive at the historic village where the guild                                 was founded. Our tradition was to take time to join the village volunteers with                                   Seat weaving demonstrations for the train passengers when they stopped to visit                            the village.


Don't feel like volunteering? Practice basic skills & learn new tricks that will speed up/simplify your weaving. Hang out and enjoy. Never stop learning!l


Ways you can help: Encourage visitors to step up and try it out. Talk with visitors about their chairs. Engage the public or ask pertinent questions of members to enliven conversation. Share your struggles and successes in your practice.


A museum of members woven chairs and historic furniture will be open to the public Saturday in a room in the convention Center.  please bring something to add to this display

"Preserving & perpetuating the craft of chair caning and seat weaving!"
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