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Nov 20, 2019
In Suggest a New Category
Where can you find replacement parts for chairs?
Aug 14, 2019
In Alternative Materials
In my constant search for alternative materials, I came across 2,000 feet of flat braided nylon line on Facebook Marketplace. Besides needing to be lugged (heavy barrel!) I had to wash it before I could use it. It wove beautifully, but I had to be careful to pull the warp very tight. The weavers were a bit looser. I stuffed it with 1" foam. I am constantly being asked if porch rockers can stay outside (nooo...that's why they're called PORCH rockers) These should be able to be left outside a bit more, but brought in , in winter.
Flat braided nylon line content media
Jul 30, 2019
In Natural Rush
Jill Woods taught natural (cattail) rush at the gathering this year. Jill harvested the cattails herself and explained how to harvest (and get permission if on public or private property), dry, store and rehydrate for weaving natural rush chairs. Cattail needs to be hydrated by misting and wrapping in a sheet (not soaked in water) Always twist the cattail away from the corner as you twist 2-3 together, adding new ones in the corners or by using a half-hitch in the middle of the run (in the center). Mist as needed to keep moist. Each piece of cattail needs to go through a wringer (If you have one) or run them individually over the back of an awl or table knife to remove excess moisture and air bubbles. Be sure to let the weaving dry for a day or so after weaving 4-5 inches, as the cattail shrinks and will need to be adjusted as you continue weaving. The excess cattail on the bottom will be clipped off and used to stuff the inside of the seats as work progresses.
Natural Rush at TSWG 2019 Gathering content media


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