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debbie kinghan
Mar 28, 2023
In Hand Cane
Hello Weavers, This plantation chair is up for donation as a learning tool or demo if anyone can pick up in California. It does not belong to me I am just trying to up cycle so it gets a new life. If anyone is interested i will forward her contact info.
Plantation Chair  content media
debbie kinghan
Nov 04, 2022
In Fiber Rush
Has anyone else had chairs returned because of Fiber Rush material breakdown ? First picture is a chair I did twenty years ago. Second two are chairs I did three years ago. Same method, same finish, same supplier. Brittle, just falls apart... Nothing new to complain about cane quality but now is Rush material loosing quality as well ? So many challenges , skills only as good as the materials we work with. Frustrating...
Materials breaking down content media

debbie kinghan

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