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Join the Seatweaving & Chair Caning Forum!

Are you new to the profession of chair caning and seat weaving and could use some guidance and tips with projects? Or maybe you are a seasoned professional and would like to help out others by sharing your knowledge? Or maybe you just want to be “connected” with others of like mind that love, love, love this work.

Whatever your reason, be sure to register to make posts and join in on the conversations on the

The chair caning forum is for beginners, hobbyists and professionals, founded and moderated by our guild President, The Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters in 2004. So it’s been around a long time helping thousands of people with their seat weaving problems. In fact, that’s where the idea of forming a chair caning guild started in the spring of 2007!

Then to make sure you don’t miss a single post, you can subscribe to the Daily Updates so all the new posts will come to your email box once a day. Never be “out of touch” a single day that way!

You can also do a SEARCH on the forum to see if your topic has been discussed before in the past. And you can read back, page after page, to glean all sorts of seat weaving information from all the previous posts going back to March of 2004!

Read through the forum “rules” first to get an idea of how to maneuver on the site, then register as a forum member and start talking!

The welcome mat is always out for fellow chair seat weavers that have a desire to perpetuate the craft and elevate it in a positive manner. Happy Weaving!

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"Preserving & perpetuating the craft of chair caning and seat weaving!"
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