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The SeatWeavers Guild 12th Annual Gathering

What are your plans for July 26-28? If you're a SeatWeaver's Guild member or follow us on social media, you already have the information. But if not, take a look and see "what's up" for our 12th Annual Gathering. Plans are still being tweaked a bit...but we promise it will be a fun-filled weekend!

Are you a caner or seatweaver wanting to brush up on your skills? A furniture-maker that would like to add seatweaving to your repertoire? An antiques dealer that would like to learn how to refurbish your own pieces? Or a hobbyist willing to learn a new skill...or 3 or 4. Come to the might become a #chairnerd!

Workshop demonstrations planned to date: (actual times for each workshop still being developed)

Friday afternoon and evening we will meet at the Red Spirit Retreat Center for an open house. Registration check in for the Annual Gathering and gather for a casual networking time together. 6491 118th Ave. Fennville, MI 49408 (269) 355-3339

Saturday Features: At The Glenn Community Center 9am to 5 pm

Medallion Cane methods – Suzan Diaz of Lasilla Design will do a talk about putting in a medallion cane back. Suzan has given workshops in medallions for us in the past and puts together a very informative workshop on this very artsy side of seat weaving.

Bill Brick of B-seated Chair Weaving has agreed to talk about one of his more challenging medallion cane backs. In fact it is the one we are using for our Gathering logo for 2019.

Dyeing Reed - Sue Muldoon of Redux For You will do a workshop on dyeing reeds to add some creativity to your splint seat weaving.

Danish Cord - Mical Wilmouth Carton of Chairperson Antiques will do a workshop on Danish cord weaving. This is one of Mical’s specialties and is always a welcome workshop at our gatherings

Hand Twisted Cat Tail Rush- Cathryn Peters Wicker Woman will give a talk about cat tail rush and demonstrate with cat tails gathered and cured by Jill Woods of Wood Enterprises. Jill and Cathryn will both talk about the process of harvesting and storing your cat tails.

Applying sheet cane to a barrel backed chair-Jill Woods

Side Lines:

Synthetic Cane- David Dick will talk about using synthetic cane. Addressing both cane quality issues and the use of alternatives such as synthetic cane when supplies are short and quality is low for natural cane.

Rush corners on pop out frames. Rhonda Voos

Alternative Weaving Materials- We will have a variety of alternative weaving materials for fun and creative seat weaving exploring the modern side of seat weaving. Moving seat weaving into the future as well as preserving the age old side of the craft. This will include creative ways to use the scrap we inevitable create so that less can go to waste and ways the seat weaver can turn scrap into extra income. This will be a participant activity. All attendees can bring their ideas and creative talents to this discussion.

The Annual members’ meeting will take place during lunch on Saturday

The Annual Banquet will be held at the Glenn Community Center starting at 6:30pm Saturday evening.

The dinner will be a pig and turkey roast done on site by a local resident with sides by the Farmhouse Deli in Douglas and dessert will be pies from the famous Cranes Orchards in Fennville Michigan

Sunday morning at the Glenn Community Center will be filled with helpful talks, a fun competitive event. It’s a surprise!

There will be an optional open house and lunch at Peerless Rattan. Ed and Cindy Hammond of Peerless Rattan have invited anyone who would like to visit their place of business and join them for a light lunch. Open house from 11am-1pm

Public Display and Demo- The Old School House Museum, Douglas MI

Our public exhibit and demo will be held in the garden at the museum from 1pm-4pm This is an important event for the Guild as it fulfills one of our Non-Profit missions to educate the public and promote the craft at our Annual Gatherings. Since this is an art coast venue our focus will be on the Art of Seat Weaving as well as the standard seat weaving examples. Please do volunteer to help with this event. This venue offers a good opportunity to show off our profession and craft to a lot of folks.

Gathering Venue: Glenn Community Center ~ 6953 114th Ave, Glenn, MI   49416

Sunday Public Display ~ Old School House Museum ~ 130 W Center, Douglas, MI 49406



Check out our membership page on our website.

Sound good? There's time to register!

Registration is open until July 1st.

Go to our Registration Page and make your plans for Michigan.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Seatweavers' Guild Inc

Board of Directors


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"Preserving & perpetuating the craft of chair caning and seat weaving!"
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